Refine Your Home With Elegant Concrete

Hire Stevens Concrete & Surfaces to boost the value and enhance the appearance of your home

Stevens Concrete & Surfaces LLC provides decorative concrete services that are ideal for countertops, floors, fireplaces and mantels. We’ll stamp and color your concrete to produce any design you want. When we visit your home, we’ll show you examples of our work to provide you with inspiration.

You can count on us to install sleek, ornate concrete features anywhere on your property. Call 601-720-0439 now to schedule your decorative concrete service.

Concrete has more to offer than beauty

Homeowners trust Stevens Concrete & Surfaces to design and install their concrete features affordably and efficiently. You’ll appreciate these decorative additions because they:

  • Give your home a unique appearance
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • Are easy to clean and maintain
  • Last for years and years

Count on us to treat your project with care and attention to detail. Contact us ASAP to discuss your ideas.

Get durable improvements without breaking the bank

Many people may be skeptical about installing decorative concrete features because they think it will cost them a fortune. However, it’s actually more cost-effective to stain and stamp your concrete than it is to build new features. You can rely on Stevens Concrete & Surfaces to provide quality service at a price you can afford.

Call us today to inquire about our prices.