About Us

Stevens Concrete & Surfaces, based in Clinton, MS, was founded by Rob Stevens in 2004. SCS specializes in enhancing the appearance of both, new and old concrete surfaces. Rob’s passion for decorative concrete began in 2001 when he was introduced to this trade in Orlando, FL. Here, he realized that this is his niche and he focused on soaking up all the knowledge he could in this field. Since this time, he has worked in both, commercial and residential construction, and uses the best products and technology in applications.

Because the world of decorative concrete is continually growing, Rob attended a concrete countertop class in Florida in the fall of 2008. This enabled SCS to launch another product line available to customers in new construction and remodeling. SCS has experience in both, new and old construction, and will find a solution to any problems customers may have. Customers may preview many applications with pictures and descriptions, which can assist in making decisions about upcoming projects. SCS stands behind its work and will strive to become a vital part of anyone’s concrete needs.